Who We Are

We are Frosthorn Hollow Farm! Our work started here in rural Vermont in 2007 with the vision of combining our education, knowledge, sheer grit and a whole lot of trial and error in growing a local, holistic, family-centered small-scale farm.


We value the abundance family farms offer communities around the globe and are stepping into the challenges facing small farms today by shifting the lens in which to view locally produced products and services in a global economy.

It is our vision that everyone will have access to clean water, air and fertile soils to grow their homesteads and small-scale farms in nourishing and holistic ways that easily adapt to the demands of our local communities and leave our planet and future generations more vibrant than we found them.

Our mission is to empower, mentor and inspire others to build a solid foundational framework for their homestead or small farm business by offering local farm products, services and by sharing our knowledge, experience and proven systems in ways that support families, sustainability, vitality, viability and financial freedom.