Meet our flock!

Frosthorn Hollow Farm is home to 8 beautiful ewes and 2-3 vigorous rams that are selectively chosen for temperament, fleece quality, color/pattern and parasite resistance. We started with Finns after years of trial and error. We learned the traits that served our farm in the greatest ways, slowly over time.

In the beginning, my dream was to own enough sheep to supply us with fiber for our needs and have a little extra for friends and family. We visited farms, we visited fiber festivals and we poured into the learning curve hard! We intentionally looked for a breed that is docile and friendly, possesses good mothering abilities, tolerates the cold, that has a fleece with a soft texture and multiple uses, and good parasite resistance. ALL of this is found in Finns and so, so much more!



I’m not sure this is natural, but I would wager a bet

that anyone of our sheep, would follow me into my

house and join me for a cup of tea! Now, that being

said, no, we don’t invite our sheep inside our house

let alone for tea,but they are impressively calm, gentle

and easy to handle. 



The natural luster of the fiber is stunning.  Each gives

a unique and beautiful fleece that is a joy to work at

the wheel. The soft hand and ease of spinning invites

me deeper in thought every time I create a beautiful,

usable soft yarn.


Feeding our family healthy, grass-fed protein is

something that we place high value on. The

Finnsheep produces a lean, succulent meat with a

light, delicate flavor. The meat is desired in any food

market. Due to this breed’s year-round lambing

ability, Finn lamb is perfect for any holiday



Finns are incredible mothers. This past spring, one of

our mama’s, RC birthed quads. One was teeny tiny! I

try not to intervene unless it’s a must, so I watched

and waited. RC, continued pawing at the ground

(to me, this means more babies were on their way,

and I was prepared to go in and give her a check).

Just then, standing atop her newly formed mini 

mountain, she nudged the lil guy under her udder

and licked his nose until he found the teat. He

latched on and his little tail went to wagging. This is the same mama that follows our 3-year old daughter around like a lost puppy anytime she’s in the vicinity.


Naturally good foragers, Finns are very feed efficient. 

On our farm, we rotate our pastures every few days to

minimize parasite load. They love pasture edges that

meet the wood line and munch on the brambles in

addition to the pasture/hay. We feed free- choice

minerals, always. They require very little grain, if any

and only during gestation. We also add in pumpkins,

squash, and other garden delights, all of which they adore.

The Finnsheep breed is by far the most well-rounded sheep breed I have come across. I am so grateful to be living out this dream!

Here is a wonderful link providing more history and depth specific to Finns.

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