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Blog #4 Creating Creativity, Allowing for White Space

Take a look at the margins in this post. What do you see? What happens viscerally, when you see clean, well defined spaces?

For me, these margins and clean lines welcome me into the creative process by relaxing the chaos and freeing me up to JUST. BE. ME.

As makers and creators, we frequently get the feeling of overwhelm when our ideas are pouring and spilling over the allotted time and space we make available to really focus on what it is we want and are working on.


We need a blank canvas. A clean slate.


This means blocking out time on our schedules, investing in the right relationships, and saying “no” to the things that no longer serve us and lead us further away from our True North.


This means saying "yes" to those things that matter most and allow us to be present and focused on the path we were meant for.

Moving forward in this new decade, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the things that are preventing you from living into the version of you that holds true to your compass. Let go of what is holding you back. Take a deep breath out, free up that white space and start creating the life you've been dreaming of.


Are looking for inspiration on how this practice has helped us move the needle forward on creating our best year yet here on our farm?

Click below to grab your free Vision Mapping Guide- Leaning into Your Light.

We'll see you on the inside!

Sara and Kris Kingsbury combine passion and skill in living out their soul-fueled vision founded in intention and creative processes using home-grown fiber and wood craft on their 18 acre sheep farm in rural Vermont. We're so happy you are here growing, learning and living the dream with us! Subscribe on our homepage and join our email newsletter to receive the latest updates from the hollow!

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