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Blog #6 Daily Dose of Gratitude

February is here and we are honoring the abundance that has swept through our homestead these past few weeks. Join us in the daily practice of Gratitude, welcoming in the abundance for our lives.


I have recently taken on the practice of interweaving daily gratitude into my daily grind. Every morning BEFORE I start anything else (and, we know how many projects and distractions can flood a creatives brain after a good nights sleep!), I wake up and think deeply about 3 things I am grateful for. The process is basic (like many of the best things in life), yet rewards me by starting my day already in an abundance mindset and opening up my world to creative thought, building on the wonder of worldly attraction.

Ready to start your day on the right track and lean into the greatness of gratitude in your life?

It goes something like this:

Step 1. Wake up

Step 2. Stretch

Step 3. Spend 5 minutes meditating and journaling on at least 3 things that you are grateful for in this moment that are keeping you on track for living in the perfect vision of your life.

Step 4. Read it back and take it all in.

Easy. Simple. Abundant.

Truth is, momentum builds momentum. If you have big dreams and a vision for your passion, this practice will set you on a path to success in any life venture you are dreaming up!

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