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Blog #7- Knitting In Winter

Camilla- Top Wool Grower on Frosthorn Hollow Farm

Knitting in winter takes on a very unique feel.

A turning inward of sorts, on the raw wilderness of our homespun yarns begging to find order again as it once was, worn on the very sheep roaming our pastures just a few months ago.

Homespun Extra Bulky 2 ply

When knitting with homespun yarns, I turn to simple patterns, or even no pattern at all when designing the cloth that keeps this soul warm and tucked in.

Too complicated a pattern will derail my efforts in bringing such yarn to life and reduce the joy I get from free-form knitting.

As in meaningful meditation; repetition in breathing, mantra and movement tap into the deep spaces of our mind, ground our bodies in place and realign our soul.

The sheer meditative practice of knitting simple, repetitive stitches from fleece gifted to us by our flock, unlocks a settling sense of presence that continues to surprise me on occasion. This presence is known by so few in our strikingly busy and unrelenting world and for this, I am truly humbled by the making of something that is truly unique.

Free-Form Winter Cable Hat

Pure. Winter. Solace.

What meditative knitting practices help keep you aligned during the cold, dark days of winter?

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Sara and Kris Kingsbury combine passion and skill in living out their soul-fueled vision founded in intention and creative processes using home-grown fiber and wood craft on their 18 acre sheep farm in rural Vermont. We're so happy you are here growing, learning and living the dream with us!

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