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Dream-Weaver meets Peg Loom

A remarkable amount of fantasizing comes with remodeling a home. So, so many ideas have flooded this dreamer canvas of mine over the past few years during our home improvement projects… What color will our walls will be? What about the furniture? Oh the floors!!! What woolish shenanigans can we impart on our interior design schematic?

For us, growing from a strong foundation is most important. This means our home remodel started with flooring that was harvest and milled from our property and set to dry for almost 2 full years to reduce shrinking once installed.


Trust me, I know the struggle!


Daydreams abound. Soft woolens, beautifully displayed and warming us to the core, are the most necessary creature comforts of a shepherd and have been dream-weaving my soul since day one.


Over the past few years, I have had a specific style of rug in mind to use on our new wood floors. I wanted these rugs to not only accent the room, but invite a sit-down-style feel that was soft, durable and beautiful.


While at the 2019 NYS Sheep and Wool festival, I spotted some beautiful rugs that I just couldn’t shake. They were woven, thick, natural colored and provided the simple, rustic, minimalist look I was aiming for. I wanted to create this style of hand-woven rugs from our flock and knew that I did not have the space for even a small floor loom let alone one that could create rugs in the size I needed. I was hungry for knowledge and dove head-first into what I call, “DIY homeschool.”


And here we introduce the Peg Loom❤


A peg loom in its most basic form, is a simple wooden board with evenly-spaced holes set into it. Each hole, houses individual pegs that are used to create beautiful woven rugs, chair pads, blankets, mattress covers, clothing and countless other projects.

Each peg has a hole drilled into it at its base to hold the warping thread and rests in the board. A woven project can then be created by simply weaving the weft (Roving, yarn, fabric etc.) between the pegs onto the warp until the desired length is reached.

Though an exact date of this invention is not fully understood, the peg loom was thought to have had a solid place in traditional Viking textiles due to its simplicity and portability.


Ingenious, no?!


Are you a shepherd with loads of fleeces craving a purpose? An artisan in need of a new spark to get those creative juices flowing? A DIY-er looking for a fun build? or just a gal like me, in need of a few hand-made rugs....This simple, portable loom is a must-have in any home. Lets build together! Head on over to Frosthorn Hollow to grab your free step-by-step guide to build yours today! Happy weaving friends

Sara and Kris Kingsbury combine passion and skill in living out their soul-fueled vision founded in intentional presence in creative processes using home-grown fiber and wood craft on their 18 acre sheep farm in rural Vermont. We're so happy you are here growing, learning and living the dream with us! Subscribe on our homepage to join our email newsletter and receive the latest updates from the hollow!

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