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Millennial Homecoming

I recently attended a live master class created by the highly inspirational brand strategist and business coach Amber Lilyestrom. To be honest, until I was awarded a free ticket to her event, (the direct result of posting my weightloss journey in my MLM challenge group, say wha???), I had never heard of Amber. This is despite the fact that she is so well-known AND we're practically neighbors. Random? Maybe.

... During this event, we held space for, and honored the vibrational rhythms so effortlessly matched with our visceral core. That sheer excitement pulsing within our bodies when we know we are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. ... I was onto something deeper than words. Regardless, I tried to pinpoint exactly what was happening and blew through an entire journal on my way home. Something in me had been reborn, rekindled and I needed to work this thing out... ... Here's what Ive gathered thus far.

I am a millennial. I possess a servant heart. I am a farmer. ... A few points about the millennial that I feel I should share: -We are soul-searchers.

-We are confident, ambitions and achievement oriented

-We tend to be selfless and engage in social actions that make a difference

-We tend to postpone marriage and baby making

-We tend to have financial insecurities given the massive student loan debts we start out with

-We have a more broad job/career experience and tend to sample jobs until we find one that speaks to a deeper calling.

-We enjoy traveling and value work-life balance

-We became adults during a period of economic uncertainty.

-We are the 1st generation to be fully immersed in the digital age and are comfortable with technology and social media

-We are the largest self-employed entrepreneurial group out there, most of which are considered "side-gig's"


Lets talk about the elephant in the room shall we?

Our world is changing at a pace that is difficult, even for those of us that have been swept up into this change since birth. I know the anxiety that comes from this. I also know the pure joy that comes from knowing I can learn anything anywhere and create solutions for problems that exist around me and the rewards that come when I SHARE these solutions with others. The idea to "think globally and act locally" can never be more pressing given the food insecurities, pollution in our air, soils and water, the changing climate, sea levels rising, wildfires and the list is ever growing. These are our times.


OK, Deep breath in, toss your anxiety to the stars and let it all out.

Take a deeper look into this list of attributes listed above. Is this not the perfect storm for saving the world?

BOOM Mind-blown!


There is a better way forward. A narrative that serves our vision,our passion AND our purpose. I am here to offer you permission to step into your light and honor your deep-rooted compass leading you home.



We are Frosthorn Hollow, a diversified family farm, rooted in heart and grounded in ancestral diversity. We blend the old with the new to help todays soulful entrepreneur clarify their vision, reconnect with their passion and build a solid foundation to grow their purposeful homestead business.

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