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Soul Searching and Self Reflection

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

December is a time of year for reflection in our family; the good, the bad the ugly and the beautiful. After the dust settles, what is standing high above the clouds?

This year in-particular has been stunningly crazy. After years of distraction from learning and growing in a new career field, I finally had a year just working as a nurse, supporting my family, pampering our flock of finnsheep

and being viscerally present. Holy crap was this an uncomfortable feeling!

For so many years, I looked up to, and felt defeated by everyone else’s success, chasing dreams that were not my own. I'm a recovering people pleaser, guilty as charged. I was the one apologizing for my messy house, (after I spent 3 hours cleaning, tidying, and organizing).

This year, I have been paying closer attention to these self-limiting beliefs/ behaviors and shifting my focus on letting the crap (that we all know and have) go. The need to pause, take a deep breath in and release it all out. Leave the spaghetti on the floor and walk the hell out the door and into a version of me that I honestly haven’t seen since I was… well, about 10.

The danger in feeding this scarcity mindset and not fully owning our big dream is that we will never get to our true north. We get easily derailed. We start that comparison wheel-a-rollin (ie. I’m not skinny enough, wealthy enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, smart enough... fill in the friggan blank), and I start to think that everything I am, is not enough to live out my

In reflecting back over the past year, I’ve done a lot of digging. I have unearthed my buried soul. I am now breathing again. I am enough. I am a servant heart prioritizing service to myself so that I can continue to serve others more abundantly. As we move into 2020 with our hefty list of dreams and goals, you will be seeing many changes. We are improving our website (thank you Kris for learning the magic behind developing and managing this aspect of our lives). We are realizing the improvements in our flock, on our pastures and in the progress of our home remodel. We’ve officially opened our online Farm Store, and check us out on Etsy @Frosthorn Fibers.

Whats your big, bod vision my dreamer friend?

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