Felted Sheep Ornament Kit

For the Love of Sheep!
Fulfill your quest for a handmade and locally sourced gift this year with our custom Sheep Felting Kit!
This whimsical design will no-doubt leave you feeling accomplished (taking approximately 30-60 minutes to complete) and in a state of gratitude with the bonus of having a second one to give as a gift to your loved ones. 
This kit is inspired by our beautiful flock of Finnsheep, whom we love to pieces! 
Note: We have 3 distinct colors you can order in (Cream/White, Grey, Burnt umber). Want all 3 in your kit?-> PM for deets and we can make that happen!
This kit includes everything you need to create 2 (at least) Sheepishly sheepy ornaments for any season and any wool-lover on your list!
Included in your Kit:
- 0.5 oz of natural cream white Finn fiber from our flock, specifically our sheep Scarlet White and Beadu 😊 
- Medium-sized barbed felting needle
- Locally made (Rutland, Vermont) food-grade metal feting form 
- Whimsical bells attached to twine for hanging. 
-Detailed instructions with links to our website for video tutorials

***Note: Not only do we have a limited supply of cream/white...the fact that we only have 2 white sheep... wha???, but we are offering a seriously unique gift to you as a thank you for your support! Reach out, and we'll get you all 3 natural colors custom order at no additional cost while supplies last!
Wanna learn more about the unique Finnsheep colorings? You've come to the right place! Send us a shout out here, on FB and IG @frosthornhollow and at frosthornhollow.com and we'll chat about it! 

Each ornament weighs approx. .25oz and measures approx. 4"x4"

Finnsheep are known for their soft hand and ease of felting. Our wool is produced with daily love and care from our family, is fed on rotational green pastures and supplemented with high-quality hay and minerals during the long cold winters here in Vermont. We hand sheer and skirt our fleeces here on our farm and process our finest wool into roving at Zeilinger Wool Co. 
We thank you for supporting small family farms!


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