Pollywog Accelerator

A fantastic option for spinning thinner yarns. The pollywog is a very unique spinning wheel due to its small size and many options. The pollywog base model comes with 3, 4 oz bobbins which are light and perfect for thin yarns especially combined with the smooth golden whorl technology which comes standard on all of our wheels. With the accelerator you would have a total of 12 gear options. The accelerator for the pollywog is a different piece of equipment than the 4A accelerator which fits our other larger wheels.

The Spinolution Pollywog is more than just a wheel that can be tucked into a bag or suit case. It’s also a wheel that is so small, lightweight & quiet that it can be taken just about anywhere you would feel comfortable taking knitting or embroidery.

Weighing in at only 8.5 pounds and featuring a detachable flyer head it is incredibly flexible for travel. This wheel is perfect for taking in the car with you on family vacations where taking pets or children may mean your luggage is already at capacity.

Instead of having to pack a separate hard shell suitcase for your wheel ( that it would easily fit in if you wish) you can instead remove the flyer head and bobbins and tuck it into a small tote bag that can be carried like a purse.

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