The Hopper is SpinOlution’s first spinning wheel engineered for handspinners wanting a unique wheel that could be taken easily to festivals, fairs, and on the go. With a carrying handle on the back of the flyer head, carrying this wheel is like carrying a suitcase.

The Hopper is unlike any other wheel on the market, and customers either love it or hate it. We recommend taking a test drive on this unique travel wheel before purchasing. If you’re unable to take a test drive, and you are in love with this wheel - no problem! We offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee on our spinning wheels. If you purchase a new Hopper from your local dealer, and decide it isn’t the right wheel for you, you can ship it back to us (at your cost) for a full refund.

Chair height and leg extension to the Hopper are the biggest comfort factors when you are spinning on the Hopper. We recommend a low chair, with adequate lumbar support, and positioning the wheel so that you can gently treadle with the balls of your feet and ankles without feeling any “effort” in your legs. If you notice that you can “feel it” in your calves or shins, try a different chair. We call this “The Goldilocks Effect” - when the chair is “just right” the Hopper becomes “just right”.

$473 - 1416