Queen Bee

The Queen Bee was SpinOlution’s first folding wheel design, originally named the “Bee” and engineered to fold and fit into carry-on luggage* for spinners on the go who needed a portable wheel designed for spinning fine yarns.

With a built-in lazy kate and three bobbins, the Queen Bee has everything the distinguished fine spinner needs in an all-in-one portable spinning wheel.

With some of the fastest ratios that SpinOlution wheels provide, and lightweight 4 oz bobbins, the Queen Bee is designed specifically for fine spinning and short staple length fibers. Knitters, crocheters, and weavers of fine cloth love this wheel for spinning extra fine yarns to use in their handcrafted textiles.

*Airline requirements for carry-on luggage size requirements continue to vary. Before taking a Queen Bee on your flight, confirm that the carry on bag you are using to transport your Queen Bee meets your airline’s requirements.